5-Bull Road, Link Brandreth Road. Lahore. Pakistan.


Sohail ch. and co, manufactures all kinds of centrifugal, slug, multistage, monobloc, non-clogging, vacuum and submersible pumps and motors.

Sohail & ch. & Co has earned creditable reputation when it comes to provide agricultural services in Lahore. Mainly it includes crop services, farming services, drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation services take place under the command of expert team that has well managed agri-services for the protection and well-being of the society. Connect with us to become a part of great agri-services that we offer professionally.

Our Services

Drip irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation

Drip irrigation and Sprinkler irrigation under subsidized program by Government of Punjab (pipip) is one of our specialized field of work. Expert team and top quality equipment has made us unique in the field. We are proud to contribute in the welfare of our society and country.

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5-Bull Road, Link Brandreth Road. Lahore. Pakistan.
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